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GetREAL - Questions and Answers

Why is it important to know more about tax benefits?

Recognized or not, tax law touches upon everyone's life. From the wealthy investor who makes a variety of personal and business decision on the basis of tax consequences, to the individual who receives services through tax-exempt community organizations, tax law slays an inevitable if sometimes invisible role. For people with disabilities, their families, their employers and the nonprofit organizations with which they may work, this role can be very important, and an understanding of tax options and strategies available can in many cases make the difference between being financially able or unable to pursue a particular course of action or attain a particular goal. For these many points of interaction between tax law and living or working with a disability to be understood, an in-depth knowledge of both the issues facing people with disabilities and the intersecting provisions for law is necessary.

This GetREAL question was answered by Steven Mendelsohn , Attorney, Co-Principal Investigator and Researcher, Burton Blatt Institute, Syracuse University.