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Thursday, 10 May, 2012

United Way of the Mid-South Earned Income Tax Credit Alliance and IRS Partners in Memphis, TN Co-host REI Tour Disability Workgroup Meeting

Photo of six meeting participants sitting at a conference table, some using laptops to take notesOn May 8, 2012, Katie Metz, Regional Specialist for National Disability Institute joined Yvonne Howard of the United Way of the Mid-South Earned Income Tax Credit Alliance, Desiree Howard & Debra Pointer, SPEC IRS Partners and other invited guests of the Memphis community to co-host an REI Tour Disability Workgroup Meeting. Katie joined the meeting virtually, using Blackboard Collaborate to connect with the meeting participants in Memphis.

The meeting focused on a discussion of programs and services available to people with disabilities and their families in the Memphis, TN area. Topics included free tax preparation (VITA), Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), and important legislation related to asset-building for low-income families. Ms. Metz spoke about these topics on a national level highlighting the importance of financial education and asset development in order to secure economic stability and a better quality of life for persons with disabilities. She also outlined the work of the National Disability Institute and the Real Economic Impact Tour informing the group of ways in which the local Memphis community could be pioneers in this next generation of work.

Read more about the meeting at the United Way of the Mid-South Blog.

Photo courtesy of United Way of the Mid-South.

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