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Asset Development Projects

Asset Development Projects

NDI has hosted over 20 Asset Summits in various states across the country. The Asset Summit Model brings together members of the asset building community and members of the disability community to begin the dialogue on how the two communities can work together to build the economic self-sufficiency for persons with disabilities. To begin the dialogue between the two communities, each community provides an overview of the services, resources and tools that they provide as well as to identify the needs of both communities. In addition to the sharing of the services, resources and tools, the attendees work together to address the following questions:

  • Identify marketing/outreach strategies to increase participation and service to people with disabilities.
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration.
  • Identify additional partners.

The final step to the Asset Summit is a large group discussion and the creation of an action plan on how to work together.

Florida Asset Development Project
The Florida Asset Development Project has strengthened the Pathway to Prosperity for persons with disabilities, family members and service providers by building knowledge, establishing a shared vision and developing a collaborative effort to extend outreach and services from the asset building community to the disability community. The Florida Asset Development Project provided funding to host 6 Asset Summits throughout the State of Florida. The project also worked with school districts to implement financial education curriculum into the community based learning programs.

Missouri Asset Development Project
The Missouri Asset Development Project is a project funded by the Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council to train service providers on NDI’s Building Assets & Promoting Choice and Community Participation for Persons with Disabilities curriculum. To date, over forty service providers have been trained on the “Building Assets & Promoting Choice and Community Participation for Persons with Disabilities” curriculum and various other asset building resources and tools.

Upon completion, trainers are encouraged to share knowledge and best practices with their staff, colleagues, fellow trainers, self-advocates, teachers, and other professionals that support persons with disabilities.

As part of the project, a statewide Asset Development Summit was held in April that brought together members of the disability and asset development communities together to develop an action plan on how to further expand economic self-sufficiency opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities.

North Carolina Asset Development Project
NDI in collaboration with the North Carolina Developmental Disabilities Council and multiple groups statewide has been involved in training, capacity building and public policy development. NDI has been working closely with the Cape Fear Asset Building Coalition in piloting implementation of a six part training curriculum to advance awareness and use of diverse asset building tools (EITC, IDAs, financial education, use of work incentives, home ownership, and micro enterprise development).

Ohio Asset Development Project
The purpose of this project is to connect the asset development and disability communities, in order to effect positive change and increase self-sufficiency for Ohioans with disabilities. The connection of these two communities started at a statewide level in 2007 and has continued to date. Additionally, in 2009 this work is being implemented at a local level in two communities with the intention of creating a model for implementation that can be replicated by other communities around the state in order to lead to more opportunities for Ohioans with disabilities to build assets and understand the importance of financial security.



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