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Monday, 04 January, 2016

Celebrate Financial Wellness Month

January is Financial Wellness Month, an opportunity for all Americans, including individuals with disabilities, to put greater focus on their financial well-being and take the necessary steps toward financial independence and autonomy.  

For more than a decade, National Disability Institute (NDI) has worked to financially empower all Americans and equip them with the tools, skills and know-how needed to improve their financial health and future. In that spirit, NDI is joining with a host of like-minded organizations and individuals across the country to raise awareness on the need for better, more coordinated financial planning and education ‒ not just during Financial Wellness Month, but all year long!

As the nation’s first and preeminent nonprofit dedicated exclusively to building the financial capability and capacity of Americans with disabilities, NDI believes it is imperative that every person, no matter their disability status, has the opportunity to live independently and build a brighter tomorrow. Our organization is working with a bevy of public and private entities, across more than 20 programs and projects, to make it a reality.

Learn more by visiting the NDI website, and start your own personal journey to a brighter economic future by utilizing our Financial Education Toolkit (through support from Bank of America) and participating in our Financial Wellness Program (in partnership with Acorda Therapeutics).  

Additionally, throughout January, we will highlight useful tools, resources, strategies and advice. Please be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter often, and don’t forget to join the conversation online with #FinancialWellnessMonth.

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