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Wednesday, 12 April, 2017

National Disability Institute Executive Director Speaks at Operation HOPE Annual Meeting

Michael Morris, National Disability Institute (NDI) Executive Director, took part in a panel discussion today at the Operation HOPE Global Forum in Atlanta, Ga. The panel, The Economics of Identity: Why it Matters, examined the role identity plays in defining aspirations or self-imposed limitations; how institutions and public policy can support economic opportunity; and the successful strategies currently being utilized to reach disconnected consumers.

Mr. Morris’ presentation discussed the intersection of poverty, race and disability and how it affects education, employment, being unbanked or underbanked and medical debt for millions of Americans with disabilities.

Other panelists included Kim Anthony-Morrow Founder and CEO, Urban Philanthropy Network; Kelvin Boston, Executive Producer and Host, PBS Moneywise; Celie Niehaus Managing VP, Corporate Compliance, Capital One; and Robb Webb, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Tenet Health.

Operation HOPE is a membership organization focused on empowering underserved communities with a focus on global prosperity. Its members are comprised of leading organizations and individuals from government, communities and the private sector.

The theme of the 2017 Global Forum is “Uplifting the Invisible Class.” The “Invisible Class” will be examined in six tracks: The Identity Class, The Working Class, The Generational Class, The Self-Sufficiency Class, The Aspirational Class and the Excluded Class. Attendees are challenged to generate “5 Big Ideas” around Working Group topics that will serve as a blueprint for action where the poor, underserved and dislocated middle class are viewed as untapped assets for entrepreneurship, job creation and economic growth.

More than 3,200 delegates representing 25 countries are expected to attend the Operation HOPE 2017 Global Forum, the largest gathering in the world on behalf of empowering poor and underserved communities.

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