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Monday, 05 June, 2017

Widening the Pathways to Financial Inclusion

Thirty percent of adults in the United States, or approximately 73 million people, report some difficulty getting by financially.

People of color, individuals with disabilities and those individuals with a high school degree or less all report elevated levels of financial challenges. Those challenges include eviction, lack of access to credit and use of alternative financial services like check cashers, predatory lenders and pawn shops with higher fees and interest rates and no savings to deal with emergencies that may arise. For individuals with disabilities who are also people of color with limited educational achievement, these challenges are even more formidable.

In his most recent blog for HuffPost, NDI Executive Director Michael Morris addresses why affordable financial services are a means to an end. Financial products and services are key tools and strategies to empower people to take control of their lives, fully participate in their communities and use their financial resources to create a higher quality of life. Read the blog to learn how communities can work with banks, credit unions and financial institutions to connect economically vulnerable consumers with safe and affordable banking products

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