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Tuesday, 19 September, 2017

NDI Executive Director Joins Panel Discussion at Unity Summit in New Orleans

National Disability Institute (NDI) Executive Director, Michael Morris, took part in a panel discussion at the Unity Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana today. The panel discussion, titled “More to the Stories: Living and Thriving with Disabilities,” was hosted by Kelvin Boston of Moneywise.

People with disabilities are almost three times more likely to be living in poverty. They also face educational and employment barriers that limit their earning potential. Being a person of color with a disability adds another identity layer that can contribute to increased vulnerability and exclusion.

Panelists focused on the intersectionality of disability and race and the impact of financial instability on people of color with disabilities. They also discussed the learning journey beginning to take place in the philanthropic community to change awareness and to take action.

In addition to Mr. Morris, panelists included Donna Walton, Founder, Divas with Disabilities; Odessa Adams-Payne, Vice President, Financial Capability, United Way of Southeast Louisiana; Erika Wright, Vice President, Global Philanthropy, JPMorgan Chase & Co.; and Noorain Khan, Program Officer, Office of the President of the Ford Foundation. Session attendees were encouraged to engage with the panelists and share their comments and suggestions for how to move forward to address these challenges for this economically vulnerable population.

The Unity Summit, organized by CHANGE Philanthropy, brought together over 500 organizations to create a dialogue on the integration of diversity, inclusion and social justice in philanthropic practice and to amplify practices that address real change. This year’s summit, which focused on “Investing in Movements for Equity,” runs through September 20 at the New Orleans Marriott. To learn more about the Unity Summit, visit www.changeunitysummit.org.

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