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Tuesday, 05 December, 2017

Aligning DEI and Career Pathways System and Program Strategies

In November, the Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) technical assistance team held a grantee learning opportunity on Aligning DEI and Career Pathways Systems and Program Strategies. This DEI Grantee Learning Opportunity examines strategies to ensure that existing State Career Pathways (CP) systems and local CP programs are fully integrated and accessible for all WIOA customers. It is the first in a three part series on DEI and Career Pathways.

The presenters, Dave Mayer (Career Pathways Subject Matter Expert for DEI) and Miranda Kennedy (Director of Training) with NDI Consulting, Inc. provided an analysis of the relationship of DEI and CP strategies. This included information on how Career Pathways and DEI intervention strategies intersect at the systems and customer levels, and action items for DEI project staff and partners to engage in to capitalize upon that intersection to create inclusive programs and promote positive performance outcomes.

Check out the webinar archive and supporting materials to learn how DEI grantees will use this learning opportunity to:

  • Describe career pathways (CP) strategies, including the “six elements” of CP
  • Distinguish the parallels that exist between DEI and CP strategies in relation to WIOA principles
  • Coordinate DEI partners for active alignment of DEI approaches with existing CP models
  • Organize DEI partners to develop and implement an action plan to support and assist existing CP programs to create a fully integrated workforce system and promote inclusivity of individuals with multiple barriers to employment including individuals with disabilities

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