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Thursday, 01 March, 2018

Disability Employment Initiative Best Practice Highlights

The NDI Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) Technical Assistance team is helping to translate collective knowledge gained to the broader system on emerging and innovative practices through the DEI Best Practice Series. These mini-brief summaries describe how projects are effectively implementing DEI strategies that are impacting the workforce system to increase access to and participation of job seekers with disabilities in career pathways and workforce services at all levels.

Check them out:

Massachusetts - Career Pathway Pilot for Individuals with Disabilities Partnering with a local healthcare facility and community college to support individuals with disabilities gain skills thatlater resulted in a strong track record of them finding employment.

Connecticut - Diverse Ability Career Fairs - A comprehensive approach in partnership with vocational rehabilitation to engage businesses that has resulted in successful outcomes for jobseekers with disabilities.

Iowa - Reverse Career Fairs: Reaching Employers Directly - An innovative career fair practice in which the job seeker is the one behind the table supporting their employment goals andpositioning themselves to showcase their skills, personality, and ambition to prospective employers.

California - Partnership Plus: Action Oriented Solutions - Entering into a Partnership Plus agreement as a Workforce Employment Network to ensure that American Job Centers can provide full access to services for Vocational Rehabilitation clients who are also Ticket Holders under the Ticket to Work program.

New York - How to Inspire Ticket Holders - As an American Job Center that serves as a Workforce Employment Network, how do we inspire Ticket Holders to pursue work? Discovering theTicket Holder’s “Dreams” is key to inspiring them while at the same time acknowledging their fears of poverty and loss of benefits.

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