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Our Work

Our Work

National Disability Institute is most recognized for harnessing the power of collaboration with government, financial institutions, the business community, community nonprofits, and institutions of higher education to advance new opportunities for work, income production, savings, and asset building for people with disabilities. 


What We Do


NDI's tools for change include public education, policy development, training and technical assistance activities, and innovation pilots and demonstrations. 

For an overview of all National Disability Institute projects, please read our NDI Brochure: "Pioneering Pathways to a Better Economic Future."


Our Core Competencies


Tax Preparation

Financial Education

Asset Development


Public Benefits Planning

Public Policy

Our Priorities

  1. Improve collaboration across federal agencies to advance a better economic future for individuals with disabilities.
  2. Align public policy to promote work, saving and asset accumulation.
  3. Develop and document pathways to improved economic self-sufficiency for youth and adults with disabilities.
  4. Inform, educate and improve financial capability of youth and adults with disabilities.
  5. Build and grow the Real Economic Impact Network through marketing and outreach activities and innovative projects.

Social Media Policy & User Agreement

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