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NDI Online Classroom

NDI Online Classroom

National Disability Institute believes in the importance of providing resources, tools and trainings to expand individual and service professionals’ knowledge on strategies that help build the financial wellness of persons with disabilities. To assist with expanding knowledge and awareness, NDI offers an online classroom with courses that are available to all at no cost. NDI's Online Classroom is growing, so please check back for newly added courses.

Registering for courses: 

To take NDI courses (except The Changing Face of Benefits) you must register as a learner at the NDI Online Classroom. As a learner, you can take courses at your own pace, track your course completion and scoring, and print certificates of completion. To register, visit ndi.elogiclearning.com. Once you are registered, click the "Available Courses" tab to view our current course selection. Or you may use the links below to visit courses - please note that you must be logged in at the NDI Online Classroom to view and register for courses.

The Changing Face of Benefits – Florida (available in English and Spanish)

Screen shot of The Changing Face of Benefits - Online In this eight-module course, you will learn:

  • the impact of earnings on public benefits and incentives to work
  • opportunities available in Florida to increase income and assets through financial stability programs
  • making informed decisions about employment, earning and investment

The Changing Face of Benefits was developed with support from the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council. While the course was intended for Florida residents, the majority of the content focuses on federal SSA rules and is a useful tool for anyone wanting to learn more about SSI and SSDI.

Making the Choice to Work: Social Security Disability Benefits and Work Incentives

This self-paced e-learning course was created by NDI, with support from the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities, and can help Texas residents make sense of disability benefits and rules.

What you'll learn about in Making the Choice to Work:

  • Impact of earnings on disability benefits and incentives to work
  • Opportunities available in Texas to increase income and assets through financial stability programs
  • How to make informed decisions about going to work and saving for the future

Steps to Achieving My American Dream

This course sponsored by the DC Developmental Disabilities Council is designed to help you discover steps you can take to help you achieve your dream!

Creating a Zero-Balance Budget Plan

This course was created with funding from Acorda Therapeutics to equip individuals with MS and other disabilities with the tools needed to have full control over spending, and to adjust spending habits to meet decreases in earnings and/or increases in disability-related items and services.

Disability Awareness Training for VITA Volunteers & Site Coordinators

This course, sponsored by Bank of America, was designed to provide VITA/TCE Volunteers with basic tips on interacting with persons with disabilities, information to eliminate myths and increase awareness of a growing demographic we serve at free tax sites.

The training includes:

  • Information on "What is a Disability?" 
  • Identifies different types of disabilities, 
  • Provides an understanding of "people-first language", 
  • Provides tips to better communicate with people with disabilities, and 
  • Explains what service animals are and how to interact with them. 
 NDI's Disability Awareness Traning is available in two formats:
  1. A self-paced online course at http://ndi.elogiclearning.com
  2. A downloadable PowerPoint: Disability Awareness Training for VITA Volunteers - (PowerPoint)