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Laura Gleneck is Program Manager for the Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) National Training and Technical Assistance Team, contracted by the U.S. Department of Labor. Laura has served in this capacity for both the Work Incentive Grants (WIG) and the Disability Program Navigator (DPN) Initiative since 2001. As program manager, she serves as the lead coordinator of the key technical assistance staff, manages material development, coordinates all training and technical assistance activities, produces the American Job Center Toolkit Resources of the Week and works closely with the national DEI Program Office. Prior to joining the National Technical Assistance team, Laura served as the project coordinator for federal projects with a focus on inclusion of youth with disabilities in transition and participation in community and employment. She holds a master's degree in Child Study from Tufts University and a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the George Washington University. Outside of the office, Laura enjoys reading, writing, taking walks and biking, as well as working with her husband, Jayson, transforming their house into a "home." 

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