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Mary Lynn ReVoir is Co-Director of the American Dream Employment Network, a division of National Disability Institute. Mary Lynn has more than 34 years of experience developing and operating programs to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities. Tapping into eight years of experience working in the public workforce system, and as a nationally recognized subject matter expert on Ticket to Work, Mary Lynn joined the NDI Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) Technical Assistance Team as the ticket coordinator for two years. Prior to working with the DEI Technical Assistance Team, Mary Lynn held leadership positions with the Iowa public workforce system as State Lead Disability Navigator and the state workforce Ticket to Work program. For 16 years she served as Executive Director of a private disability services provider in Iowa and developed innovative service programs for children and adults with disabilities. She is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin and certified Work Incentive Practitioner from Cornell University. In her spare time, Mary Lynn enjoys canoeing in all seasons, yoga, biking and music.

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