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Jayson Gleneck is the Information Technology Specialist for National Disability Institute (NDI). A digital artist, whose professional career includes graphic design, web design, photography, illustration, and video, Jayson provides website design, management and support for the Disability Employment Initiative (DEI). Prior to joining NDI, Jayson worked extensively in web and television and developed all types of visual advertisements/displays. He is also the former president of the Nashua Area Artists Association (NAAA) and is a current board member. Jayson earned a four year diploma from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Tufts University. When not working, Jayson spends most of his spare time appreciating and drawing inspiration from the art and artists he encounters during his journeys.

[Jayson is a member of the DEI Training and Technical Assistance team, which is a project of National Disability Institute.]

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