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Inform People About Free Tax Prep

28 million

Number of people/families that received over $66 billion in Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) in 2015

6.6 million

Estimated number of people lifted out of poverty by receiving the EITC, including 3.3 million children

Tips to increase awareness of free tax prep options

  • Develop Free Tax Preparation Partnerships to Learn More

  • Download Free Tax Preparation Materials

    • MyFreeTaxes.com
    • Contact local VITA/Tax coalitions for free flyers, outreach content
    • Download posters, flyers, payroll stuffers with locations of local VITA sites and website links
    • Add PSAs to lobby and waiting room video feeds
  • Write or obtain pre-written articles to include in internal/external newsletters/email 

  • Provide signage, posters at front desk that highlights benefits of free tax prep referring individuals to local sites on online self-preparation

  • Post information to social media

  • Provide website links to free tax services on your website and/or on computers in computer labs

  • Promote EITC Awareness Day activities in your community.

  • Promote Free Tax Prep to Employees

    • Hang posters, distribute flyers, payroll stuffers with times and locations of local VITA sites and website links in: employee break rooms, gathering places, front desks, human resource departments, et.c
    • Be sure your Human Resources personnel are familiar with free tax services.
    • Conduct an internet search for local community groups involved in asset building, tax coalitions, financial education, or wellness and employment assistance
      • Local and state Tax Coalitions
      • Financial Empowerment Centers
      • Local Department of Agriculture Extension Offices
      • Local office of Economic Opportunities
      • American Job Centers    Career OneStop
      • City and County Libraries
      • State public assistance agencies
      • Universities and Colleges
      • Local non-profit credit counselling services
      • Local Goodwill Industries
      • Local fair housing boards
      • Neighborhood community centers
      • State and local government representative offices
  • Connect with IRS SPEC Representative for help and accessing IRS resources. 

    • Email partner@IRS.gov  with your contact information and expressing your interests. An IRS relationship manager from your local community will respond to you.  
  • Register as a partner with MyFreeTaxes.com to access training videos and downloadable marketing materials

  • Have the designated Coach access IRS Link and Learn software for practice and to complete Standards of Conduct module

  • Connect with other local free tax preparation providers to collaborate with marketing and share operational information and services cross referral

  • Determine what resources will be allocated to free tax prep

    • Room with dedicated computers
    • Posted Tax Coach office hours
    • Place software link on all client computers with Tax Coach “on call” for tax filer assistance or national helpline # posted
    • Services will be provided by appointment only or drop ins allowed
  • Provide staff training and marketing materials so they are aware of program and its operation in order to answer phone and in-person inquiries about the program

  • Research innovative plans for providing free tax preparation around the country

  • Design marketing plan

    • Paper and digital flyers to distribute around organization and to partners
    • Public Service Announcements
    • Email to all partners and employees with program information
    • Include informational sessions in all staff meetings, workshops and seminars for employees and clients
    • Hang posters in all public spaces
    • Post pre-written and organization-specific material on all social media outlets
    • Provide link to MFT and/or program calendar on organization website
  • Download digital marketing material including flyers and logos of free tax prep partners in your community and add to your company electronic and print newsletters

  • Provide company computer access to free on-line tax preparation software and allow employees extra time during or after work hours to prepare their returns.

  • Add the local United Way 2-1-1 link to company websites

  • Become a Volunteer