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Are you a person with a disability? Do you want to become more informed about tools and strategies to advance your economic strength and security?   more

In record numbers, people with disabilities are becoming part of the economic mainstream, and developing savings and assets. Learn more about how to effectively reach this growing market sector ... more

Join us to promote an economic empowerment agenda with a focus on policy change and public-private collaboration ... Learn more


Senate Passes FY16 Budget Proposal

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Statement on the House Budget: A Call to Action

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The Congressional Budget Process Gets Underway

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REI NETWORK WEBINAR: Make a Real Economic Impact

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WEBINAR: Understanding ABLE

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Financial Capability of Adults with Disabilities: Findings from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation 2012 National Financial Capability Study - DOWNLOAD TODAY!


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Understanding and Improving Consumer Financial Health in America - Publication of the Week

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We are only ONE WEEK from National Financial Capability Month (NFCM). Beginning April 1, countless nonprofits, individuals, financial institutions, businesses, and government agencies will celebrate and highlight the importance of financial planning and education. The month-long initiative’s mission: to educate and ...

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